Dive into Swimsuits

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It’s my turn on the “Dive into Swimsuits” blog tour hosted by Coles Creations! You can find all the blog posts and enter to win prizes over at Cole’s page!

I love making my little guy swim trunks, they’re quick and easy and so much more comfortable then the store bought with those itchy netting panties (WHO thought those were the answer???)


These are my pattern, the Swashbuckler Swim Trunks and my FAVORITE feature is the boxer brief style lining pieces…SO much better then those netting panties! I would always cut them out of his before he was potty trained. Then once he was potty trained I thought he needed some lining and support under there, but no way were those netting panties the answer!

I have a great picture of the boxer brief lining piece, BUT for some reason my wordpress wont upload it today!!!! 😦


I use either swim lining or a swimsuit fabric (nylon spandex). I love to coordinate the lining piece to a matching rash guard! Of course I don’t have any finished modeled pictures of that (and no one else will likely see the lining piece) but I love it!

I get asked a lot where to find the fabric for swim trunks.  You can grab a remnant or scrap piece of swim fabric or lining for the boxer brief lining again, you’ll want a nylon spandex 4 way stretch swim knit.  For the main shorts you can use “boardshort fabric” as some shop labels it (top skull print was labeled this from Funkaliicious Fabrics), “woven supplex” is a thinner version (great for super hot climates- the tricolor here is woven supplex from Chez Ami, who have since gone out of business.) I also know the Fabric Fairy usually has some in stock as well as Rockywoods Outdoor Fabric also carries it.


And of course sewing always provides you with the ability to give your little one the perfect fit if they need a different width to height ratio and don’t fit into the “average” sizes.


I hope you dive in this summer and make some swimsuits! Have fun!

Sophie Sew-A-Long show off!

There were so many GORGEOUS Sophie dresses made over in the M4M fb group.

Let me show off a few….

Made by Brooke from Five Little Monkeys. Brooke used a knit bodice! How comfortable will that be. She cut the back bodice on the fold, so no closures necessary.10610697_845115068872530_8419293730610722080_n

Made by Megan who used the sweetheart center panel with a lace overlay, exposed zipper and some Ikea curtains for the tulle overlay! 10372785_10107571677773934_8261478764356685823_n

Made by Virginia from Banana Showcase! I love the rick rack detail she added to the center panel.


Made by Alison from House of Haddie. Alison used the ruffle sleeve add-on from the sew-a-long and added a sash.


Made by Amanda with matching dolly dresses!

FullSizeRender (1)

Made by Alexandra from M & M Bows!


Made by Heather from All Things Katy! Heather used the sweetheart and ruffle add ons. I adore her buttons too!!

1452312_10154791706015394_9124105686174277935_n 1505285_10154791707720394_2627763430470626267_n

The Sophie is PERFECT for appliques and embroidery! Made by Jessica from JAB Creations. Jessica added a sweet overlay.


Made by Karen for her sweet daughter!


Made by Christi from Abble Dabble Boutique.


Made by Lauren who hand embroidered the sweetheart center panel!


We had a fantastic prize donated from Bethany Lane; 1 person with the most ‘likes’ in the finished dress sew-a-long album will receive 2 sets of ‘I love you’ buttons! Bethany Lane also offers adorable personalized buttons that I just adore. Get your shop’s name or daughter’s for a special touch to any outfit!

I_Love_You_Wood_Button_-_Coffee_large unnamed

BUM BUM BUM, NOW for the winner…. I gasped when I saw this adorable dress! Made by Lorraine from Buttons & Bows!! Isn’t is beautiful and guess what?? Lorraine made it for her shop, it is a size 3 and for sale! If it was my daughter’s size I would snap it up, so cute!! Congrats Lorraine!!!


Thank you SO MUCH to all the ladies joined and made my first sew-a-long a success!! I hope you join us next month for our next sew-a-long!



Boy Bundle Up!


Is everyone getting excited about the next Bundle Up? I know I have been excited about it since I heard plans of it ages ago!!

Link: http://www.bundleupsale.com

I have the Lumberjack pattern in the bundle up: It is a traditional button up shirt with collar, but also has a few more options like hood and full lining. My Little One will be wearing these all fall and winter!

listing pictures1  listing pictures3 listing pictures4 listing pictures5 listing pictures6    listing pictures10

But here are some other Bundle Up patterns I had the time to whip up!

First up is the Aviator Pants by Winter Wear.  They are a knit pant with optional triangle accent pieces on the bottom leg, front slit pockets, back welt pocket, and a shorts cut line.  They were so quick to make and knit, which of course I LOVE!


Okay, so my little one has mama’s backside 😉 He measured much larger for his hip/booty measurement then all the rest… SO I went to work doing a full butt adjustment…for my not quite 2 year old! WHAT! But I’m glad I did because they fit great… look at that little round tushy! 🙂 I took a few pictures and I will get another post on how to do that!

Suzanne over at Winter Wear did a great job keeping her pattern easy to use with all the cutting info on the pattern pieces (love that!). If I’m honest I put them together without reading her instructions, but I’m sure they are fab!  I love knit patterns for boys…for our photo-shoot, I took him to be in his element… OUTSIDE!


And in these knit pants and shirt he could run (away from me!) and play freely and comfortably…and still look adorable!


The knit shirt is my Deep Sea V-neck… I did a contrast camo sleeve and free-hand deer applique. My husband LOVED this outfit! Little One LOVED sticks… ha ha ha!


He could climb, jump, bend over, and I didn’t have to worry about a stiff waistband being uncomfortable for him. I know lots of beginner seamstress have a little fear of working with knits, but I jumped RIGHT into knits when I got serious sewing! I knew I wanted my little one to be COMFORTABLE! Make the jump ladies! You’ll never look back!!! 🙂 IMG_6911IMG_6918

Okay, now I really tortured my son, but I made him model this, oh so cute and trendy, long sleeve pull over in the 100 degree weather… But look how cute he looks in it! This is Greenstyle’s Shawl Collar Pull-Over in the Bundle Up.

Again, it is knit… super quick sew and soft and cuddly! I used a super soft sweater knit and some ribbed knit.


I made him a size up, because it wont be cool here until Oct/Nov, but he will be ready! I really love the no trim pages for Greenstyle’s new patterns! Since I’ve started doing mine like that, I’ve gotten pretty spoiled to it! I printed out my V-neck to assemble and HAD TO CUT THEM! Ha ha ha, which reminds me I need to go back and update those patterns with no trim pages! 😉

 IMG_6951 IMG_6965

I used a toggle button on the lower part of the collar… I think it gives it a great touch since I used a solid muted sweater knit. I really loved how it turned out…and so did my mom! Which is always a plus to hear compliments on something you made!

  IMG_6967 IMG_6970

Okay…I HAVE to share… I snapped “a few” pictures of my adorable dad with my little one… he came with us to model, because he’s the sweetest dad/pops ever! It’s SO much easier for me to get some shots of him when somewhere else is there! I mean… aren’t they CUTE?!?!?!!


My son ADORES my dad! I had a hard time not making every. single .picture. black and white because I just thought they were so sweet! ❤

 IMG_6976 IMG_6980

He was having so much fun with his Pops throwing rocks into the creek!

  IMG_7018 IMG_7020

I think the adoration is mutual too 🙂 

 IMG_7024-2 IMG_7035           

Thank you for coming with us Dad!

Here is the link to go get your BOYS BUNDLE UP! 🙂 I’ve made 3 so far, but I have the Sleepy Bear PJS by Ellie Inspired already printed, taped, and cut! I just ❤ sewing for my Little Guy! Don’t leave the boys out!!!



How to mash sizes to create the perfect fit!

Do you have a tall skinny minny? Or a little one who needs a bigger width then their height? This is a simple easy route to mashing sizes for children to get a better fit! No more just adding to the hem!! If your child needs length they need it throughout the whole garment, not just the hem! And vice versa if your child is shorter they need it shortened throughout the whole garment.


So here is the quick guide. You will take their overall height and match that to the size chart of your pattern… for this example I’m going to be using my niece who is 44″ tall- which matches my size 5.  Her chest and waist match a size 4. So I will be using the width of a 4 and the length of the 5 on every pattern piece!

**I’m going to note in here too that going more then 2 sizes is very hard to keep the proportion and shape of the pattern.

Here is a picture where I highlighted the size 4 and 5 (Size 4 in yellow and size 5 in orange). I don’t typically do this, but I did to help illustrate 🙂


And here I drew in black to show how I followed the size 4 width overall on the piece and the size 5 length.  See how I made the armhole the size 5 length, and neck hole… these are places where your little ones fit will drastically improve with this method!


And again, here is the sleeve with a 4 width and 5 length. Make sure you keep EVERY piece the same length/width and your pattern will fit together beautifully 🙂


Coming from a very tall girl- if your little one needs added length they will be so much more comfortable with that longer armhole/neckhole/bodice!! I can hardly wear shirts that I don’t add that 1/8-1/4″ at my armhole… even though it seems like such a small adjustment it makes such a BIG difference in my fit! 🙂

This method can also be used with a shorter length to width— I used to do this for my little one when he was younger– he is big for age so he was in toddler sizing with a baby figure! He needed a much bigger around then his height and it worked wonderful for him!

Now go create that perfect custom fit!! 🙂