Designer’s Swap

I hardly ever have time to sew up other designer’s patterns, but I’m always wishing I had more time to!

So, I loved the idea of this designer swap! I could sign up and have a deadline to “make” me finish 😉


Here is a link to the original announcement along with sales by the designers that participated (pssst Patterns for Pirates has a coupon code there! 😉 )

We are also doing a giveaway, rafflecopter posted at the bottom of the page! 

I got assigned the California dress by EYMM, which happened to be one of my very favorite designs in Kymy’s collection!  And she put it on sale-  code: californiasummer will save 25% off the Women’s California or Girl’s California or the California Bundle good April 20 through 27 at 11:59pm PDT at  It’s a simple dress you could do in a ton of different looks/fabrics and wear all spring, summer, and fall long! She always has a ton of options that wrap up in a quick easy sew!

il_570xN.626626220_dx7s il_570xN.626736839_as12

I went with two fronts so I didn’t have to worry about bra straps 😉 These suckers aren’t staying up in a strapless anymore!


I really wanted to somehow squeeze out a maxi out of my 2 yds, although the pattern called for 3.5 yds.  So I had to do some modifying! I spliced the pattern along the casing line and added a little to the front bodice only to make up for my chest size.  Otherwise this style always ends up blousing in the back and not in the front on me! I’ve always thought it was one of the easiest styles to alter for a full bust!


I also cut the skirt pieces much less full to accommodate my tiny yardage! I knew it would be too tight to comfortably walk in, so I did slits up both side seams to the “above knee cut line” on the pattern. The lighting here shows off a little more then usually, lol… the fabric isn’t see through at all in person!


I love this style dress for the spring, summer and fall… so easy to throw on and look stylish! I can chase my little guy around in it without worrying about showing anything 🙂

11174256_10100306630104557_3239395190234372115_o 11146430_10100306630099567_3671446381715494936_o

I had a great time sewing this up and plan on wearing it lots!


Seaside Sailor Sew-a-long

So… last week I participated in the Seaside Sailor Dress Sew-a-long over at the Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns fanpage.

Have you ever participated in a Sew-a-long?

I have signed up for them, bought fabrics, and had the intention of doing them, but never followed thru. :/

But when I saw that Jen was doing this pattern, I just had to join and I made myself a promise that I would follow thru.

I bought the bundle ages ago and have been dying to make this dress, but never got around to it.

You know how it is… the best intentions and all that.

I had to stay up late every night of the sew-a-long, but I managed to make a dress for Ella and Lucy and each with a matching dolly dress! It was so fun!

I made Ella’s with very traditional colors, great for the 4th!


The blue and white polka dot fabric was from last year. I picked it up from Wal-Mart for a steal. It’s some sort of poly-cotton blend and is really breezy and doesn’t wrinkle bad at all. I love it.


I intended to put the bias trim on Ella’s and the ric rac on Lucy’s, but I mixed up the collars on accident during sewing. 😦

I still wish they were the other way… but not enough to take them apart.


I just think these sailor dresses are the cutest and I’m so happy I had a chance to make them while the girls still think they’re ‘cool’. I’m so dreading them getting older… sigh…


I see it happening right before my eyes and it takes my breath away some days, so I really cherish the moments when they still want to look and play like little girls.

I want to hold onto those moments forever.

One way I’ve found to ensure that they still act like little girls is to make them a matching dolly outfit.

The joy they get from that is such a pure and consuming joy. Their faces light up and they just beam. It’s undeniably cute.


Ella’s baby doll outfit looks exactly the same, except that I was just about out of fabric and have a little bit of the selvage showing on one side… ha ha ha

oops! Peek-a-boo.

m_IMG_5122I never worry too much about that kind of stuff with doll clothes. The girls NEVER notice.

m_IMG_5112They’re too busy getting excited and loving on their baby dolls!

m_IMG_5111I love this photo with Ella’s little leg kicked out {even though it’s blurry}.


My sister, Megan, likes how I pose the dolls, too. ha ha ha What, she wanted to kick her leg out, too. 🙂


For Lucy’s dress, I wanted a more whimsical and fun look, so I used this oh-so-loved, hoarded, Michael Miller fabric that I took from my Mom’s house. I just love it so much, but never come up with quite the right project for it for the girls.


If I wouldn’t have made this adorable baby set for my cousin, then I wouldn’t have had to get so creative with the cutting… ha ha ha


Can you see where I had to seam the bodice on one side?


I did my best to seam it where it wouldn’t be noticeable. I think I did pretty good.

I also had to add a hem band to the bottom, because I was short on length… but what a happy accident that turned out to be. I just love how it looks!


Even though I originally wanted the ric rac on Lucy’s, I really like the crispness of the bias binding on this one. I’m not sure I would really like the ric rac in hindsight.


When I made these, I totally expected that I would love them more than the girls. Ella is kind of into being in style… which mostly consists of wanting to wear clothes from Justice {which I don’t buy} and Lucy just wants to wear knit dresses all the time.

Honestly, I thought it might be a fight to get them to wear them, but they absolutely ADORE them as much as I do.

I mean… have you ever seen a happier kid?


Her dolly dress was really a piece of work: pieced 8 times on the skirt portion alone {not including the hem band}, but I ‘made it work’.


Ruthie doesn’t seem to mind… and you can hardly tell when it’s on her.


This pattern also gave me the opportunity to try out my new-ish set of Kam snaps and press.

Can I just say… LOVE!

Snaps have always given me such a headache. I’m strong and I man handle everything, but these can hold up to that and they work so beautifully.

Plus, they are so easy for the girls to dress and un-dress!


I’m just so thrilled with how these dresses came out and I’m so happy I actually followed thru with the sew-a-long!

I have to tell you… Lucy was sitting in a little yellow chair {from my grandparents house} in my sewing room in her dress, playing with her dolly, in her little white high heels and white headband bow, with her legs crossed at the ankles and I could just die at her sweetness. Really… I wish I could have snapped a picture of her in that moment, becasue she looked like the epitome of innocence, youth, and childlike wonder.

I just want to stop time and keep them in that moment for a little while longer.

One of the things I really miss about testing for other designers is that I was able to make things that I normally wouldn’t and also, that I had a deadline, making it impossible to become a UFO. This sew-a-long gave me that opportunity and held me accountable. I’d like to host some sew-a-longs with my patterns, in the next few months since I had so much fun with this one. Any patterns you’d like to see as a sew-a-long from Cole’s Corner and Creations?

In the meantime, if you want to sew up a sailor dress or dolly dress, head over to Jen’s website and pick up this pattern. It’s wonderful! You won’t be disappointed.



The Citron Twist Shrug – Candy Castle Patterns – Bundle Up Review

bundleup216a0e3-blogtourhandmadeI got to review The Citron Twist Shrug by Candy Castle Patterns for the Bundle Up patterns for Pattern Revolution. I’ve never used one of Candy Castle Patterns so it was a delight to find such a professional done pattern. Well digitized and easy instructions. The pattern fit together perfectly and was a quick sew. The fit was spot on for my daughter in law. She styled it with snug t-shirt and jeans. I think she looks beautiful. I plan on trying some more of the Candy Castle patterns.ImageImageImage




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Bundle Up!!

Have you seen all the fabulous women’s patterns in the new Pattern Revolution Bundle Up deal?? There are so many great patterns to sew up for yourself! I don’t sew for myself as often as I’d like…. but my sister Judy sews almost her whole wardrobe… NO joke! It’s awesome! She actually sews for me too, even more awesome! She’s so sweet making me things when I don’t have time, so I thought I would return the favor and sew her up the Four Seasons Cardigan & Duster pattern for Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM).


Judy was making herself the Greenstyle Taylor shorts, so I decided to make the sleeveless option for her to pair with the shorts. There are LOADS of options in this pattern, cardigan length, duster length, hood, no hood, no sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves PLUS it includes 10 sizes, XS – 5X plus! I mean it really is for all four seasons 😉

To say this sleeveless option  is a quick sew is an understatement! FOUR seams ladies, FOUR seams and you’re done! I cut out and whipped this up in less than 15 minutes. Now I did not hem the bottom, Judy is 5’9 and I forgot to add length…oops, but it looks great unhemmed!! Plus bonus that it was quicker. I used my serger to construct the entire thing… well my 4 seams I used the serger 😉

If you have never made a EYMM pattern, the ‘no trim’ pattern piece pages are AMAZING! I actually started using this method on my own patterns I love it so much. In a women’s pattern where you are printing several pages, this really really saves time! Here are some photos of Judy looking adorable… It actually started raining on us, oh no! But we always have fun, so OH WELL! IMG_0721IMG_0729

I can’t wait to make some of these up for myself. I love wearing cardigans and these will be very flattering while I’m getting my pre baby body back 🙂

Judy is going to tell you about her cute Taylor shorts now!!





I was so excited to see the GreenStyle Taylor shorts design! Angela always has such great designs that are perfect for a comfortable, stylish look…just my thing! I love sewing for myself! I’m much taller then average, so I find it very hard to find clothes that fit at all, let alone fit well and are stylish!

So I started with my hip/booty measurement which put me at a medium… But I have a much smaller waist and legs then that measurement. So I like to size down and do a full butt adjustment for a better fit! Here is a quick shot of how I to the adjustment:


I love that she has no trim pages for her pattern like mine! I mean who doesn’t want to skip that tedious step? Especially in an adult pattern! I used a very light weight denim with a sweet little print on it, because I’m in love with the floral trend!


I did my construction a tad different only because I wasn’t patient enough to wait to sew them up before I had time to go buy a great zipper! So I constructed the whole shorts besides the zipper and waistband– I’m always so anxious to get started and whip through something I know I will love!!  Since I used a denim I added a few modifications that are only popular with jeans, like lots of topstitching and a metal zipper 🙂 I also love to use topstitching thread when I with with denim! The thicker thread really looks so much better, it really is worth changing it out for every time you topstitch!




I really liked that she had instructions to double stitch the crotch for durability! That area sees a lot of stress… Especially those of us who needs full butt adjustments 😉 I also adding a couple rows of topstitching to the inside inseam for the same reason!



I always like when patterns have hem gauges for a cleaner hem line! I like to iron up my hem in the flat… Sew per instructions, then when it is time to hem it folds so nicely into place… It’s the best of both worlds hemming in the flat vs round BC you have the ease of folding/pressing in the first, but have the nicer, cleaner finish off hemming in the round! I went in between the hem lines for a 3″ inseam… I love SHORT shorts, but since I’m tall short inseams tend to look extra short on me, plus as much as I HATE to admit it I’m starting to get older and need that extra inch!


I also did french seams on my pockets… I didn’t want the serging to be touching my hands in the pockets or my thighs… so I just sewed the pockets wrong sides together, then flipped them right sides together and stitched around the seam.

IMG_1394 IMG_1395

Inside of the pocket:




I love them! They fit so much nicer then any RTW shorts since I’m tall and need that full booty adjustment!  I can’t wait to make up since more!

IMG_0733 IMG_0735




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