Dive into Swimsuits

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It’s my turn on the “Dive into Swimsuits” blog tour hosted by Coles Creations! You can find all the blog posts and enter to win prizes over at Cole’s page!

I love making my little guy swim trunks, they’re quick and easy and so much more comfortable then the store bought with those itchy netting panties (WHO thought those were the answer???)


These are my pattern, the Swashbuckler Swim Trunks and my FAVORITE feature is the boxer brief style lining pieces…SO much better then those netting panties! I would always cut them out of his before he was potty trained. Then once he was potty trained I thought he needed some lining and support under there, but no way were those netting panties the answer!

I have a great picture of the boxer brief lining piece, BUT for some reason my wordpress wont upload it today!!!! 😦


I use either swim lining or a swimsuit fabric (nylon spandex). I love to coordinate the lining piece to a matching rash guard! Of course I don’t have any finished modeled pictures of that (and no one else will likely see the lining piece) but I love it!

I get asked a lot where to find the fabric for swim trunks.  You can grab a remnant or scrap piece of swim fabric or lining for the boxer brief lining again, you’ll want a nylon spandex 4 way stretch swim knit.  For the main shorts you can use “boardshort fabric” as some shop labels it (top skull print was labeled this from Funkaliicious Fabrics), “woven supplex” is a thinner version (great for super hot climates- the tricolor here is woven supplex from Chez Ami, who have since gone out of business.) I also know the Fabric Fairy usually has some in stock as well as Rockywoods Outdoor Fabric also carries it.


And of course sewing always provides you with the ability to give your little one the perfect fit if they need a different width to height ratio and don’t fit into the “average” sizes.


I hope you dive in this summer and make some swimsuits! Have fun!

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