Boys Can Wear Pink- the Handmade Boys Series


I ❤ the Handmade Boy Blog! Kelly makes the CUTEST clothes for her son and daughters (and sometimes even herself when I can talk her into it 😉 ) She is the sweetest; always going above and beyond for me testing patterns and even trying to help me with photo tips!  So when she told me she was doing her first series I could never turn her down!

Boys Can Wear Pink!


To be honest, I’ve never put my little guy in pink before… I’m not a huge pink lover…I tend to always go with greys and blues for myself, my husband and for little guy! Boring, I know… if you could see my fabric stash, it is pretty dull! I also tend to dress him like a little macho man in camo, dinosaur, anything you would label “very boyish”…So, this really pulled me out of my comfort zone to design and make something for him with pink!

I decided to go with a classic “pirate/sailor” look and theme to help me get inspired…since I love this look and theme! I went with a white and pink stripe I got from my local Hobby Lobby, in their spring collection. In person the pink is almost neon.


I knew I wanted the oh so classic “Mom” heart tattoo on it as well (just pink instead of red).  I struggled on placement! But in the end I went with the shoulder, where a tattoo would be and I’m so happy with it!

IMG_1569 IMG_1527 IMG_1483 IMG_1416

I added an iron on transfer of a black anchor to the front right side to help fill and even it out overall.

IMG_1423 IMG_1455 IMG_1521 IMG_1544 IMG_1550

I paired it with his Cpt. Comfort Jeans that are distressed and bribed him to wear the black tennis shoes (instead of his Woody boots that he wears EVERY DAY!!!) It took a piece of candy and going outside to play to get them on!

IMG_1570 IMG_1464  IMG_1461

His hair… oh my… he woke up with the most wild hair ever that day… So I tried to put a little gel in it to calm it down and it didn’t help much! But it kind of fits the sailor look right? Wind blown? We’ll go with that 😉

IMG_1452 IMG_1434 IMG_1429IMG_1461

In the end I love the bright colors on him… it fits his wild, rambunctious personality so much better then the greys I usually go for! (Although, I tend to be quiet and shy…so I’ll stick with my muted tones for myself 😉 ) I am going to try to add more bright colors into his wardrobe for sure! Thank you Kelly for having me in your series!! ❤

IMG_1634IMG_1655IMG_1675 IMG_1670   IMG_1635  IMG_1621  IMG_1482 IMG_1462

Now you can participate too!



One yard of Stop Poplin in pink
$25 gift certificate, plus a surprise fat quarter from
One yard of solid cotton/lycra & one yard of coordinating fabric from
One pattern of choice from
$20 store credit from
One pattern of choice from Patterns for Pirates
One pattern of choice from

Bottoms Up Pants Pattern from

One Pattern of choice from

17 thoughts on “Boys Can Wear Pink- the Handmade Boys Series

  1. Pink pocket and turned legged jeans! I added some to my son’s old jeans and they turned out amazing! He is starting to get a hole in the knee so I will probably add some there as well!

  2. So far, I haven’t tried pink on my boys; they mostly wear camo. I would be most likely to sneak some pink into a dress shirt or hot pink in a t-shirt.

    • I almost did a gingham button up…but there will be someone else doing that 😉 it’s the only pink my husband has ever had, so that came to my mind too!! It would be cute for Easter!

  3. I love this look with the tattoo heart and the iron on transfer. My favorite way my boy wears pink is thus flannel onesie I found that is gray plaid with pink stripes. I see a lot of boys wearing pink socks at my daughter’s school. I believe it us their football socks they wear to games I’m October but they wear them throughout the year at school.

  4. It’s so awesome when you try something outside of your comfort zone and it comes out amazing! Thanks for the topic Kelly and Beautiful work Judy!

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