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I’m Beth and I will try to help anyone with sewing questions.

These are the first ones I got. So, thank you ladies and I hope this helps answer your questions. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.


1. Erica Marsh What’s the easiest way to do ruffles… I need to make them faster!

The easiest would be with a serger, fitted with a gathering foot. But it’s not the nicest looking gathers. I think it really depends on what your are making. If it’s a nightgown or play clothes then why not do it the easiest way, but if it’s a fancy dress, then doing it by gathering with two threads using a basting stitch provides the best looking gathers. You can also use a ruffler on the sewing machine but it makes more of a pleated look than actual gathers. You can zig zag over long threads and then pull them tight, it doesn’t break as easy, but once again, still not as professional looking.

2.Tiffany Olsen Where do I start?!?! I have a sewing machine, I’ve made a pillowcase and sewn patches onto a girl scout uniform…but haven’t “made” anything, everything seems so overwhelming. 

Tiffany just go for it and bite the bullet! I tell everyone: you just have to practice. Even after sewing for 40 years, I still often remake a pattern more than once. You always do better the second time! Some easy things to start with are; PJ pants, skirts  or tote bags.  Since you have a little girl you can start with children’s clothes or doll clothes. Aprons are simple. Make sure it’s something you’ll use, so you can enjoy it. If you need help, just remember: sewing people are helpers. Just ask on here or any sewing group and lots of people will help you! Go for it!


Remember, you can leave questions for me here on the blog or on our facebook page, too!

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