Our Mom sews {and does everything else} best

I could talk about my Mom all day long… seriously.

There is not a soul in  the world that I love or admire or adore more than her.


She taught me everything I know that is good. She loves me even when I’m bad. She still teaches me and encourages me and supports me. She still mothers me and I’m so thankful for it, because I still need her to.

But for the sake of the post and to avoid getting weepy and mushy on the first few posts, I will limit my words {which is difficult for me} to three descriptive words about Mom and three of my favorite sewing tips from her.

1. generous: Mom will give you the clothes off her back, the fabric in her stash, the lollipop in her mouth, pretty much anything you want or need. Generous to a fault. And without ever wanting recognition or praise. She generally gets embarrassed at too much praise.

2. forgiving: Mom never stays mad for long. EVER. I’m not sure she even knows the meaning of grudge. She is not judge mental, accepts everyone for who they are, is a great listener and friend and rarely gets angry.

3. fun: Mom loves to have fun and MAN! is she funny, too. She has a beautiful laugh and a great smile to go along with that personality. Some things we like to do together; sew {duh}, buy fabric {of course}, eat ice cream, watch Elf {or old movies}, read aloud together {well, she likes me to read… she listens}, talk {I call her every weekend morning}, go shopping, swim, and hang out with the family.

Cole’s 3 Favorite Sewing Tips from Mom

1. Use your iron!

2. Don’t always follow the directions. Do things your own way.

3. Keep trying. That’s how you get better.Image

My Mom and I at the Applique Getaway conference last year!


When I was 19, something clicked….I remember my husband, then boyfriend, saying ‘oh my gosh why are you calling your mom, she doesn’t know everything?!?’ YES she really did! If I had a question about cooking, our apartment lease or the dog, she knew the answer. I thought she was so mean at 11, not letting me go to that co-ed birthday party. Why couldn’t I wear that spaghetti strap shirt with my bra hanging out in high school? You realize as you get older, why your parents do the things they did. So growing up, my mom and I weren’t buddy buddy pals, she was my mom. But when I moved out, we became great friends and I respect and admire her so much! (At my wedding, she made my dress!)

She was such a wonderful mom; always reading, playing, letting us make a mess crafting, swimming, having picnics and doing cartwheels outside. I always had the best costumes in school. We had matching Christmas dresses for church. In high school, I would decide last minute I wanted to go to the dance and my mom would magically whip up a dress, mashing or creating a pattern, because of course I couldn’t find one I liked. Her and my dad taught me the importance of confidence, hard work, empathy and how important family is.

My mom not only can sew, she can draw, paint, upholster furniture…really she can do it all! I talk to my mom almost every day and live just 3 minutes from my parents…Cole is SUPER jealous 😉 I can always count on my mom’s ‘fabric and notions’ store when I need it! It’s hard to write just a short paragraph about someone you are so greatful for!!
My favorite sewing tips I learned from mom:
Baste- if you’re trying out a new pattern, unsure on a step or altering something, baste it together; it will save you time in the long run.
Don’t look at the fabric on a pattern. If you see an adorable fabric and don’t look at the fit you may buy a dud ….or the opposite, when shown in a not so cute fabric or a sub par photo, you may overlook something adorable. Try to look at the ‘bones’.
Don’t rush through cutting. No body likes cutting out, it’s tedious and boring…. but oh so important!



I have her eyes, nose, big smile, and more… but so much more then that she has taught me everything I know about love, being a wonderful mom, a fun-loving happy person, and of course sewing 🙂 Here I am in the wedding dress she made for me- it was the most perfect thing anyone could dream of!

179828_843397502573_2503823_n 184646_843398869833_5169815_n 10271502_10101467547479973_2882136477492759705_n

I still learn something new everyime I sew along side my mom.  She loves to share the passion for sewing with us.  I used to always say, “I would NEVER sew!” For years and years… I even tried a couple times sewing some outfits for my nieces and nephews, because they love the handmade outfits she and my sister, Nicole, would make them so much. They  ended up at Mom’s sewing machine or in the garbage ripped in half from frustration! I just couldn’t understand how she had SO MUCH PATIENCE!


But then I got pregnant… 253859_765305256917_2015018126_n

and it just CLICKED… all the sudden I understood why she would spend hours and hours on an outfit for me, my siblings, or her grandchildren (Pictured below with her 11th grandbaby- now she has 12 🙂 )… love… love in every cut, press, and stitch! I added press in there just for her 🙂 It’s still one I have to work on being patient enough to make time to do while I’m sewing! Just today she said, “Oh, it’s absolutely LOVELY! ….smiling…. But you SHOULD press it before you picture it Judy!” 🙂 (I didn’t ha ha ha).  She always tells me, patience grows along with your age… so maybe one day I will be not be in such a big rush!


She has been, and will always be, the greatest wealth of knowledge I know. Because if you call Mom and she happens to not know, she will help you hunt down not just an answer, but THE BEST answer 🙂 She has always been in love with learning, which is probably why both Nicole and I ended up with education majors!  She loves to learn and research, and is always willing to share what she’s learned.  My sisters and Mom are VERY CLOSE 🙂 Hardly a day goes by when we haven’t all talked to each other.  We have always said how lucky we are to have Mom to teach us all the wonderful sewing insights she has… so we want to share! Here we will post all our favorite tips, tricks and sewing techniques that we have been so lucky to learn from Mom…and still continue to learn!


(Mom with our Uncle John)


7 thoughts on “Our Mom sews {and does everything else} best

  1. Oh so sweet and loving. Even though I can’t sew (at all!), I hope I can teach Rowan other things and maybe -if I’m lucky- one day my daughter will honor me with even half of these beautiful sentiments. Love to you all! Congratulations on the blog.

  2. This is beautiful and makes me weepy. I learned how to sew from my Mom, but we are not in one another’s lives at the moment. However, everything you say about learning, wisdom, talking, reminds me of my Dad. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family dynamic. With our 5 children, that is my husband and my, biggest wish for them.

  3. I loved reading this!!! How wonderful that she has impacted and inspired all of you throughout your lives. It is always nice to see the love of family and the love of sewing because that is what sewing is about!! The very heart and core of Love for others. Thanks for sharing!!

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