Nicole, Coley, Cole!

Or ”Tole’ as my little one says! Cole is my daughter’s favorite… her words, not mine 😉 Why you wonder? Well, because she is so FUN! Plus, she gives her whatever she wants; along with the rest of our nieces and nephews!! Cole is definitely the ‘fun’ aunt! Oh, you want a new swimsuit? Let me make one in 20 minutes, here you go! You want an ice cream cone? Let’s go to McDonalds, right now, in our pajamas!  You want to play barbies with me on facetime for 3 hours? Awesome let’s play, I love it!!


At 35, Cole can still do the splits. She will still rock pigtail buns in her hair. She loves to dress up! Not in a ‘put on a pair of heels’ kind of way…. a dress up in a green Elf costume she made herself way.


She is the only person I know who still buys CDs. She is a really bad driver. ‘OH my exit!’ She can play a mean game of scattergories, apples to apples and monopoly. Warning, don’t let her be the banker, she’ll cheat! She can’t help it, she is VERY competitive and always wants to win. Cole is notorious for starting whip cream fights at any family gathering… including my wedding!


When Cole comes to town you can be sure there will be make up, nail polish, movies, pizza, popcorn, dance parties, water balloon fights, ice cream, trips to the zoo, the mall, the park,  LOTS of candy and baked yummies! Nicole is always reading and is a Princess Bride fanatic!  She is a wonderful writer. She has countless journals and notebooks. Judy and I joke that she watched too much I Love Lucy growing up, because she is always coming up with elaborate schemes and getting herself in silly situations. Like  going outside to watch fireworks, locking herself and my nieces outside when the kids weren’t dressed, had to go to the bathroom and it was getting dark out. Oh and she doesn’t have a cell phone, so that in itself is always getting her in trouble.


Nicole LOVES kids. If there are kids in the room, she is probably holding, giggling and playing with them. She went to school to be a teacher. She started her own cheerleading, developmental tumbling and gymnastics programs at our local REC when she was 18. She loved it so much, she never took a teaching job. Judy and I always looked up to Nicole! We wanted to cheer like her, we both coached alongside her and we both started sewing businesses after her!  Nicole is still our cheerleader. She is always supporting us, telling us how great we are and inspiring us to try new things.


Cole started blogging when she moved from Texas. She wanted to show family what she was sewing for her kids. She loves helping others be creative and she is a GREAT teacher. She’s humble, patient, positive and enthusiastic. Her patterns, Coles Creations, are so fun to follow and you always learn a new trick or two! That’s what we hope to do here! We all love helping others and teaching what our mom taught us. We will be sharing our successes along with failures, as you know not everything goes to plan when sewing! It’s SO fun for us to share our love of sewing and we want to let you in on the fun too!










One thought on “Nicole, Coley, Cole!

  1. Aww, I love her even more now. 🙂 I’m of course always drawn to Nicole’s..(even if there is no “H”.hehe) but especially Colie’s. That is what my family has always called me, Colie. So when I hear it, it always makes me think of my family too. Great blog!!

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