Introduction to Megan

Megan is the fashionista of the family. She always looks great and knows exactly whats coming in and out of style… If I’m ever unsure if something is “so last season” I call Megan 🙂 . Here she is being fabulous as a little one and looking especially gorgeous pregnant this past spring.



She’s also pretty much the best at ANYTHING she tries.  Megan isn’t one to go half way into something.  When she decided to start a little etsy shop, she quickly was featured in worldwide blogs and posts as one of the best… she always had too many orders!!! So she decided to create a pattern line from her designs to share with others who would love to have the same success sewing from home as well… sweet isn’t she? Here is her shop: Made for Mermaids … she’s recently starting added some other designs besides her signature “everyday princesses”; her design shows her fashionista personality with trendy styles and from her experience as a busy etsy shop owner being easy and quick!  She’s always been one to share openly about her designs and tips to having a successful business.  When I’m having a hard time making a business decision, I always ask Megan…

okay, so anytime I’m making ANY decision I call Megan… Okay, okay I call her ALL THE TIME… we talk AT LEAST once a day :).

Megan and I are only about 1.5yrs apart and have always been so close!


Megan has the All-American story… she married her high school sweetheart, who is a firefighter, and now they have two beautiful babies.


She is all around an amazing person, who would never even think to judge another and always busy busy busy being the best at everything she does… oh yeah and she has a blast doing it all too!







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