Judy, Judy, Judy!

It’s what older people always say when they hear my littlest sister’s name. We figured out that it was from an old Cary Grant movie… but we never figured out which one.

Judy was named after my Mom’s oldest sister and she’s the only young Judy I’ve ever known.



Just like her name, she is one of a kind. She is my littlest sister and I could not be more proud of her.

Judy is the type of girl/woman that you’d love to hate.

She’s just annoyingly good at everything~ smart, beautiful, tall, thin,  talented and the most patient mother there is.

Thing is…  you just can’t hate her, because she is  also kind, sweet, sensitive, hilarious, creative, fun, and  messy!

I’m 8 years older than Judy, so I’ve always mothered her a bit. Loving that I got to watch her grow up and be an influence on her and also that I got to be the ‘cool’ sister for a while. Bringing ice cream into the bedroom when they were supposed to be sleeping, buying Christmas gifts that Mom and Dad wouldn’t, picking them up from school, hosting dance parties in my room when they were young girls. Having little sisters has always been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

We have always been close and always loved working together. For years, we coached cheerleading and gymnastics together.


Judy and I both went to school to be school teachers, but Judy actually taught kindergarten for a couple years before she had my Godson :).

I mean…… seriously, guys…… could he be any cuter???


After giving birth,  Judy decided to stay home to raise him. She opened an etsy shop where she sold handmade costumes for little boys and soon after, started Patterns for Pirates~ an adorable line of stylish, comfortable patterns for little boys! (Even though her sisters keep telling her to venture into girls wear, too.)


We are so excited to start this blog together, documenting our sewing, pattern designs, various crafty ventures and adventures in motherhood!

More fun facts about Judy:

She used to do an incredible impression of the church lady.

She is an amazing dancer (and even danced professionally and got to the last round of tryouts for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader).

She once dressed up as a cat from the Broadway Musical Cats and got so mad when we said she looked like a playboy bunny.


She loves sour patch kids.

She hates BBQ sauce…. whaaaaat?

My little Lucy is named after Judy. Their middle names are both Kathleen.


She’s a good sport and will try on things and model them for me.


She got her little finger slammed in a door when she was young and had to have it reattached. I’ll never forget her little tears running down her cheeks, but she was so tough.

She went thru a phase of dying her hair lots of different colors, including blue.

She is an amazing artist.

She was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen.


She’s pretty awesome.


I can’t wait for you guys to get to know her better!

Nicole AKA cole







3 thoughts on “Judy, Judy, Judy!

  1. Three beautiful sisters and wonderful mothers. My son Lance is married to the middle sister Megan and we are blessed to have her as a daughter-in-law. She is beautiful, talented and the most loving and gentle, as well as patient mother to her two beautiful children. I have watched her start her business from the ground up, sewing beautiful princess dresses for little girls and then make anything else from scratch. Go to madefromermaids.com to see her work, patterns, etc. you will love them

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